Export 1 rows to a notebook

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You can export this data to a Jupyter or Observable notebook by copying and pasting the following:


Make sure you have Pandas. Import it in a cell like this:

import pandas
If this shows an error you can run %pip install pandas in a notebook cell to install it.

Now paste the following into a cell to load the 1 row into a DataFrame called df:

df = pandas.read_json("https://db.banipartide.ro/banipartide-v3/Subventii+Partide/213.json?_shape=array")

Run df in a new cell to see the table.


Import d3 by running this in a cell:

d3 = require("d3@5")

Now import the data into a variable called rows like this:

rows = d3.json("https://db.banipartide.ro/banipartide-v3/Subventii+Partide/213.json?_shape=array")